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File {{|}} (could be renamed to overridemod_example.unf if you like) File {{|}} (could be renamed to overridemod_example.unf if you like)
-Open the file and have a look inside.+Open the file and have a look inside. To use this mod you just put the .zip file in C:/Program Files/Legends/ (on Windows) or ~/legends/ (on Linux, might be installed elsewhere)
 +==== Where's the Datablocks and Functions? ====
 +The above file is not the //normal// way of doing a server mod. Usually files are added and edited from a mod path (e.g. C:/Games/Legends/yourmod/scripts/weapons/DiscLauncher.cs). But if Legends is updated and bugs are fixed in DiscLauncher.cs, your Mod wont get those fixes because your Mod's version is customised, meaning the official version is not being used by your Mod anymore.
 +The above file is just overriding the parts that it needs to change, regardless of what else goes on. If the Datablock name of the weapon is changed, then it wont work - but that's about the only situation where this method fails. This method is far more resiliant to future updates if you only need to make minor changes.
 +==== Note: ====
 +//Functions// can also be overridden, so can whole //datablocks// - examples of those might be added to this page later if needed.
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