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Server Troubleshooting and Server FAQs

Well this FAQ part is still under work, ASK MORE QUESTIONS

Troubleshooting Servers

Multiple Servers on one Linux machine

Multiple instances all share the same ”.legends” output directory, so you have to either run each one under a separate user account or set the HOME variable.

Restarting server automatically

Go back to “How to Host” page or set up a cronjob to handle it,

The “crontab -e” line (not run from sudo). Every 2 minutes a check it made to see if the process is running.

*/2 * * * * /home/youruser/legends/ >/home/youruser/legends/restartererrors.txt 2>&1

The “executable” script. Rename lindedicated binary and in this script if you want a new process name!!!

nprocs=$(ps -C lindedicated -o pid h | wc -l)
if [ $nprocs -eq 0 ]
echo "RSYNC Update"
svn update $path
echo "Restarting Legends Server ..."
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$path
cd $path
$path/lindedicated -dedicated -perfcounter 0 -sleep &

Server not on master list?

Make sure that firewalls are not blocking your server and in prefs.cs $pref::Server::DisplayOnMaster = “Always”; Mandriva Linux user port forward list

#for legends
ACCEPT fw net udp 28001,28002,48491,20451,28010,28015,50740

If you use a cable connnection and have more then one PC on the connection, most likely you have a router, some newer routers are auto-sensing, but not everyone has a newer router, if you have a older router, you may have to forward ports to get your server running, since i dont know what kind of router ya got, and there are alot out there, i will make this general

Go to your web browser and type in that is usually the configuration for your router, (if not figure out what kind of router you have and go to their website and follow their instructions for Port Forwarding/Pin-holing)chances are it will ask for a username and passowrd, if you havent used this router config yet, dont enter and username and enter “admin” (again if this fails go to manufacturers website) if that worked and you have to get over to port forwarding (may be under a advanced tab) once there enter port 28000 for the port and type in Legends server, hit ok, let the settings take effect, if that didnt work, the problem may be elseware or there is some other steps to your particular router (for the third time go to the manufacturers website and read the manual)

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